Sunday, August 8, 2010

So I think I'll remove the word "Cunt" from my vocabulary (Anyone expecting a glorious reunion with CWG will be let down)

So, finally having my car back and having some free time, I decided to drive up to Pennsylvania and stay in my house for the weekend. I had only been in my house once, I had only just found out that I had a bedroom in said house, so I was uncertain of exactly how the living situation would turn out.

It turned out to be pretty nice, the house was clean and despite complaints about electricity we had the whole place air conditioned. Even my room had my bed set up and shit, it was looking to be a pretty sweet weekend...That was until I realized that not only did I bring sheets too small for the bed, but I totally forgot everything I need to wash myself, so I had to be that awkward asshole who uses shampoo and soap that belongs to other people.

At the same time, I had planned on meeting up with CWG this weekend to do a whole bunch of shit to her heavenly vagina and what not, except I texted her a few times this week, reminding her of the "date" we had, and she did not reply to any of them. Then I saw her facebook status which said that she would be here, and naturally, that kinda pissed me off.

But I didn't do anything, I decided to not say a word to her, and I decided to not even talk to her if I saw her out, which is what you have to do when you wanna fuck somebody again.
So I had to drive to Walmart to get some shower shit yesterday and when I was leaving the parking lot, some guy in another car said something to me which I could not decipher. This got me paranoid and wondering if there was something wrong with my car, so I got out and inspected it. I think its okay, but I don't know.

So anyway there were a number of people around to hang out with, who were also visiting for the weekend, including Bff, Hn1, Tall, and Georgia. Tall and Georgia had me meet them at the bar, and Hn1 was driving down there anyway, so I had her pick me up, after pregamming a little, and we went to Sportsbar.

In Sportsbar, we met up with Tall, Georgia, and their friend, Marcus, who was actually a really cute girl, don't ask my why I called her Marcus, she just looks like a Marcus. Now they had dollar mixed drinks till Midnight, but there were two bartenders close to us, one of which was awesome and the other who sucked, so every time I wanted a drink, I had to flag down the awesome one or get ripped off having a vodka cranberry that was basically all cranberry.

So then Marcus started talking about some guy she saw who was "cute and tall," and I got mad at her asking why height was important. It kinda brought down my self esteem seeing how girls who actually think height means something are probably not into me.

Anyway, Bff arrives and goes to CBOS with her ghetto friends from home, but Georgia and I head over to Chillbar to get away from her "stalker." We talk a lot, catch up on some shit, and I tell her about CWG being a total C-word for no reason. Its about this time that I get a text from Bff saying CWG is in CBOS right now, which kinda pisses me off more. After a little while, Tall and Marcus join us and we keep drinking until the bar closes.

So we head outside to the pizza place where Bff meets up with us and we get on line so everyone can get pizza. Well, sure enough, there was CWG on line two people in front of me. Then, after ordering, she sees me and stops walking, and says hi, to which I don't say a single fucking word, and she continues to her table.

So I decide to approach her only to walk into the most awkward conversation of my life, with all her friends staring at me thinking I'm some creepy asshole whose never said a word to her in my life, so I just walked away mid conversation.

So I was still pissed off about CWG and we all went outside to where Georgia, Tall, and Marcus started to walk home. Before leaving, Tall starts making out with me again for some reason, and just like always, it doesn't mean shit to me.

So Bff comes back to my house with her ghetto friends and we hang out in my living room for a while. Its about now that, after talking about CWG, I decide to give her a pretty fucked up text:

"Seriously. That was fucked up. You're a fucking cunt.."

-Note, the final period at the end dictates that I actually hit the space button twice after the comment so it would print.

All Bff's ghetto friends thought this was hilarious, until I told them about how heavenly her vagina was. Suddenly I started to feel bad.

So the sun was rising, Bff and her friends headed home, and I started to walk upstairs, but I tripped and went head first into my wall leaving a large ass dent. I don't think its a big deal, there are a few holes in the walls, and my roommates didn't seem to notice, plus my head was okay.

If I may also point out, I have had the worse diarhea since last Sunday, I think maybe I should go to a doctor or something. I was seriously worried it may come out if I drank too much, but it did not.

So today I prepared a long ass note pad letter for CWG apologizing for calling her a cunt and whatnot-its amazing what I do for heavenly vaginas. It seems like you're not supposed to call a girl you're trying to fuck a cunt, but I did, so wish me luck on her reception of said letter, which I will send as a facebook message.

Update: Wow, apparently we are no longer facebook friends. Okay, we'll do that.