Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why I Hate Beard

So last night Beard and I went to Chillbar and I spent 100 bucks on their expensive foreign beers like a retard. I did score a few free shots however by telling people my birthday was coming up!

Anyway towards the end of the night I saw a cute ass girl talking to some local guy, she looking very uncomfortable the whole time. So I walked over(Captain Savajo to the rescue) and got this guy away. I started talking to this girl and I found out she was in the super slutty sorority(score!).

So we talked for a while, all while Beard looked rather bummed out. I think I bought her a shot or something and soon last call happened and I realized that she was kinda drunk. I went to say goodbye and I went in for the kiss but she, in turn, decided to give me a hickey...Who the fuck gives hickeys at the bar? Usually if you're old enough to drink, hickey time has ended. Anyway then I went in for the kiss again and she started biting and sucking on my ear. Well it doesn't take a genius to ask, "So you wanna come back to my place?"

She said yes and her, Beard, and I got into our taxi heading home. I'm not entirely familiar with this incident, as I had not recalled it at all until Beard told me, but maybe her drunkenness/sluttiness started showing because all of a sudden Beard started calling her a "Drunk Whore" and "Stupid Slut," all while I'm just sitting there calmly saying "you're not a slut," or "you're not a whore." Then I'm not sure exactly what happened but I told the taxi driver to drop her off in front of the University and he did.

To put this in perspective, a drunk slut wanted to fuck me and I was down until Beard acknowledged that she was a drunk slut so I made the taxi driver drop her off in front of the University, with about a 20 minute walk to her dorm ahead of her. Seems I went from Captain Savajo to Captain Losajo.

So then Beard and I got inside and he apologized for cockblocking me(I hadn't even noticed that he did). Wanting to salvage something, I texted the girl:

Me: Hi sorry my roommate was an asshole
Her: Yes he was.
Me: I'm sorry if I was an asshole too
Her: K.
Her: (ten minutes later) whatever.
Me: I'm still up if you wanna do something
Her: Yeah, I don't think so
Me: Good night

Then today I showed Mac her facebook page and he informed me that he fucked her roommate. This school is too fucking small. Also, how is it gonna go with Drunkslut? ...I still would very much so like to fuck her, but we'll see how this plays out.