Sunday, September 4, 2011

This School is Too Damn Small Part Two

So last night Mac and I went out to the bars and the heavy drinking began. After a little while, however, we kinda lost track of each other and I was flying solo through clubbar trying to get laid.

I met this girl, lets name her toothpick, in the bathroom line and I offered to buy her a shot, so we went to the bar and I bought her a shot. I bought like four or five other people shots too, gave out my number a few times, including to Toothpick, and then the bar closed and I got a phone call from a random number I don't know.

"Hey, Mike?" The girl on the other end asked
"What are you doing?? You should come over!"

Okay so now I kinda assumed this was Toothpick because she seemed like the most horny of all the girls I'd given my number out to that night. She was inviting me up to an apartment complex just north of campus and, during the entire time we talked on the phone, I heard her friends in the background yelling at her to come inside. I didn't care about what her friends were saying, I walked up to the apartment complex with a couple of condoms ready to get laid!

So anyway, keep in mind, I'm only slightly certain that I'm going to Toothpick's apartment. Regardless, I arrived outside of the apartment complex and I told her I was there and she appeared at the door...It wasn't Toothpick...It wasn't anyone I'd seen that night...

Now here is a blast from the past. Way back when, I'm saying a year and a half ago-ish, Greg and I had been at Clubbar when he told some random drunk girl to make out with me and she did. This is the girl that had just invited me over her apartment. Well she is sexy as fuck so I'm not gonna turn her down, I went inside.

Yep, I went inside...only to find that her roommate also had a guy over...and that this guy was Mac.

Turns out my girl had recognized Mac as being my roommate and asked him for my number(she was sloppy drunk, again), and the voices in the background telling her to come inside belonged to Mac and his girl, turns out Mac did not know that she was calling me and inviting me over. So you can imagine the feeling of both Mac and myself upon realizing that we were fucking roommates.

Oh and in case I forget to mention, she thought I was another Mikee...but I was good enough, apparently because I got it in.

So, long story short, Mac and I attained what Beard and I were never able to do, we fucked two girls who were roommates at the same time. It was pretty sweet and we walked home together recanting in how awesome our nights were...but this just goes to prove once again that This School Is Too Damn Small.