Sunday, October 10, 2010

Additional Information About Last Night

As today went on, I realized I forgot a few things that happened to me last night that I left out of the previous post(Mikee...this is your life):

1. I walked to the bar with Bigirl, Georgia, and Georgia's friend from home, who may be Boyfriendhusband but I'm not sure. While walking past a party house, he started to yell "PUSSY!" into the crowd and I told him I would not have his back if they decided to fight him.
We then went to a local bar where they serve frozen shots. The bar was inhabited by two old lady bartenders and three PA white trashers playing a game of pool. No one was able to do the frozen shots but me, so I did about four them, including everyone's leftovers.

2. I made out with six girls, but I also tried to make out with Texas, which failed as I have no clue if she is actually interested in me or just really nice and polite. I would love to bone Texas because shes innocent and hick and quiet and probably a virgin...but I cannot read this girl for the life of me.

3. Even though she has already boned me this semester, Shorty turned me down because I boned two of her friends before her...I still believe she is a keeper as our conversation immediately went to sex when we met up.

4. Shorty was also with Jersey who I conversely tried to hit on to get her jealous. This failed, and is probably why I didn't wind up bringing Shorty home with me, as the sex with her friends aspect should not have been that big of a problem.

5. CWG was visiting with Actor and a few other people from her major. Upon seeing Actor, we immediately reminisced about Smelly's foul odor.

6. CWG disrupted our conversation to run to the bathroom. When she did, I quickly went into my phone and changed her name from "Cunt girl" back to "CWG" to make sure she didn't know this had been my nickname for her since August. Not only did she still have my number in her phone, but it was still under "Mikee" and not something along the lines of, "Asshole who called me a cunt."

7. Tall and I had a lengthy conversation as to why she hates being referred to as "Tall."

8. Tall and Georiga had a friend of theirs with them who was the same height as Tall, but cuter. She probably would have been amongst the victims if she didn't leave early.

9. When I bought shots for "Other girl" and 21, I bought them both at the same time and in such a way that neither knew I was buying the other shots. Had they known, I doubt I would have made out with either.

10. After making out with both Other girl and 21, I went to the bathroom and announced that my life is awesome to all the other male patrons.

11. Also with Cripple and CCG was Zebra, who I had to buy a shot for as I owed her one. Without heels on, I realized Zebra is about my height...and is therefore absolutely beautiful.

12. CCG started to give me a handjob, then I told her I used to think she was two people which promptly ended the hand job. I then walked home by myself as a result.

13. If I ever see Other Girl or 21 again, there is no way in hell I'd recognize either. Other Girl would have probably let me bone her if I invited her back.

14. I got about three blocks away when I ran into a few lesbian girls from the rugby team. We walked together until some random kid asked if he can borrow my cellphone. I let him, but not before making him give me his wallet, removing his license, and keeping it in my pocket in case he tried to steal it. I think I said "My name is Mikee...I'm kinda a big deal around here."

15. I stopped at CVS to buy some chips. While inside, the manager asked me if I was buying something because "they had trouble already that night." I thought it was kinda ridiculous until I learned that there was, apparently, a shooting there earlier in the night.

16. I made out with six different girls...that is a record...and CWG and I are friends again and she kinda knows that I strongly believe her vagina is like no other's. She seems to be open to this.

Mikee's texts from last night:


me: guess how many girls I just made out with
Georgia: how many?
Me: ...guess
Georgia: 4?
Me: 7.
Georgia: wow, you whore.
Me: Number 3 was CWG...
Georgia: Hahahahahhaa
Me: Dino had sloppy firsts!


Me: (11:30)Hi you're cute
Me: (12:25)Hi you're cute
Me: (1:45)Hi you're cute...what you doin?
Me: (2:15)Hi come hang out


Me: (12:14) Balls.


Me: (1:14) Hi, I'm happy we made up but I'm sorry for being creepy about it.
CWG: (1:28)You weren't, its okay.
Me: (1:45) Hi you're cute


Me: (12:44)I just made out with the cunt
Me: (1:46)I just made out with seven girls


Me: (12:44)I just kissed the cunt


Me: Hi you're cute